1. Library:-

MMPS-Madhi has well stocked library and a reading room with magazines and periodicals. Books covering various subjects are available for issue to students excepts from the ‘reference section’ which is intended for ‘on the spot use’ only. Our school library is one of the assets to our school. It is the treasure house of knowledge, past and present. It is so because the world’s mighty brains are represented there through their works. Just a glance would show that the names of great writers of the world are found side by side in the shelves of our library. A number of dailies and magazines are regularly received. The illustrated magazines are the attractions for the students. The library is very well utilized both by the students and the members of the staff. The students are well trained in silent reading. The library is a very useful place for self-study. When assignments are given by teachers, students make full use of the library to their advantage. Thus our library is a place for intellectual work in our school. ‘Covered with a thin layer of gold or a substance that looks like gold’

2.Transport Facility:-

The school bus service operates on certain routes depending on the number of students opt for it on payment basis.

3. Science Labs:-

Well Equipped Science Laboratories MMPS-Madhi provides students well equipped Physics, Chemistry and Biology laboratories with modern apparatus. Computer Lab The computer laboratories in Mewat Model School have computer of latest configuration. Our Computer Lab is very spacious and well ventilated. It is well equipped with Latest software’s and hardware’s. Our computer lab having latest operating system and application software’s installed in each PC.


i. Playgrounds:- The school has extensive sports pitches and facilities including Outdoor games. High level professional coaches support the academic staff in training the students during their game lessons.
ii. School Buildings:- The colourful and lively building of School standout as signs of courage in a rural background. The building design stimulates natural flow of light and air, thereby saving electricity and providing a conducive and joyful learning atmosphere to the children.
iii. Drinking Water and Electricity:- Lack of drinking water and systematic supply of electricity is a reality and a huge challenge in remote parts of India. At the School, various options like bore wells, submersible pumps, private water pipelines and water tankers have been adopted to ensure regular availability of water. Additionally, alternate sources of power and the use of inverters are also being explored for schools where the provision of electricity is a distant possibility.
iv. Separate Toilet for Boys/Girls:- Lack of separate, safe and clean toilets is a key reason for low enrolment and attendance in most schools. Our School provides clean, safe and separate toilets for girls and boys to ensure clean sanitation facilities and prevents girl drop-outs.